MONACO, March 04 (Asia Cruise News): Asians contemplating getting into the cruise business need to take their time, one veteran of the sector has warned.
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Andrea Zito, the ceo of V.Group subsidiary, V.Ships Leisure, which claims to be the largest supplier of management and outsourcing services to the maritime leisure industry, told Asia Cruise News, “What we have seen with Asian entrepreneurs is that they buy an asset and then they hope that everything falls in place by miracle and instead the cruise business requires a lot of planning, project planning and evaluation rather than jumping into action mode immediately.”

“It takes an incubation period,” he added. “Patience, planning and capital is required.”

Zito is convinced the cruise business in Asia will become very big, but, right now, it is not yet mature.
International lines targeting Asia have got it wrong in general by deploying older tonnage.
“Asians are used to having everything new,” he pointed out.

China in particular has attracted much comment on its cruise potential, and while Zito can see the sector taking off there, it will still take some time.

“Fundamentally, it is a question of demographics,” he said. “The cruise business is aimed at affluent people with a lot of time, namely retired people. The Chinese have very little holidays and they are very dynamic people. For cruises out of China ships need to be built for the Chinese market where the ship is the destination.”
Concluding, Zito predicted: “We will see a boom when an Asian entrepreneur properly enters the market with an Asian brand in Asia.”

V.Ships Leisure has more than 200 shore-based and 7,000 seagoing staff providing services to more than 140 cruise vessels, ferries and super yachts.

News Source: Asia Cruise News

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