English Language Course

“A good command of English is important for learning and transmitting knowledge pertaining to regulations, service procedures and operation equipment onboard.” – Sandy Aung, Director, Training & Development

Marlins English For Seafarers

Seapal recognises that English language proficiency is associated with perceived quality of our seaman. Language proficiency helps facilitate communication between crew and between the shore office, and the onboard personnel. This stems from an operational necessity, since the globally accepted language onboard communication is English. The syllabus combines detailed language input with extensive practice of language skills within authentic maritime contexts.

  • 60 minutes of audio CD for authentic listening practice
  • 24 units of illustrated study material in a single volume
  • Taught in a seafaring context
  • Activate and develop the crews’ current understanding of English
  • Promote confidence through regular use of English
  • Encourage interaction with colleagues in English

In the course of keeping up to par with the latest innovations in the industry, the trainers attend Maritime and Cruise Industry Conferences and trainers’ courses to continuously improve the learning experience of our crew.

At Seapal, language proficiency of our Myanmar seamen is an issue of importance that we aim to address. Developing the Myanmar seafarers’ proficiency in the international language of communication onboard and the matter of where a seafarer obtains his/her Certificate of Competency have major implications for an improved level of the seafarers’ quality.

We offer customised English courses with class sizes limited to 12 students. Depending on individual ability of the seamen, tailored courses are offered from 4 – 8 weeks.