German Language Course

German is one of the world’s most important¬† languages, spoken by over 2 million people worldwide, and as the most-spoken native tongue in the European Union.

Here at Seapal, we are offering this program to help our seafarers become more global in communicating with each other as the German language is being used in many parts of Europe and around the world.

These classes are going to be taught by very experienced staff members from University of Foreign Language (UFL), Yangon. There will be Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced level classes being offered and each class will have limited participants to ensure productivity. On successful completion of each course, proficiency certificates will be presented.

Lessons will focus on speaking and interactive activities will enable students to learn and practice their skills with each other. Day to day spoken German can become proficient through talk, games, and interactive lessons.

Being able to speak more languages is advantageous when applying for jobs, in dealings with foreigners, and for on-job communication with co-sailors from Europe and around the world.